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Soldier deployed four times makes television appearance not knowing family’s right behind him

This soldier thought he was there to record a holiday greeting video but it was all part of his wife’s plan.

We’ve all seen the hundreds and thousands of military reunions. And we’ve all cried buckets or swimming pools of tears watching them.

But this is something different.

US Army Capt. Gerardo Garcia came home early for Christmas from Afghanistan and he was getting ready to surprise his wife and three kids.

But before he could surprise them, he was asked to be part of a group of soldiers recording a holiday greeting video for his fellow soldiers still abroad.

This was perfectly orchestrated and organized by Good Morning America (GMA), who had gathered them at a remote studio.

What Capt. Garcia didn’t know was that his family knew he was coming early and they’ve decided to surprise him instead.

GMA loved the idea.

They helped the Garcia family make it happen. The crew of GMA gathered about a dozen or so soldiers for the video recording in a remote studio.

A few select soldiers were in front to be interviewed by the GMA hosts, including Capt. Garcia.

“[Capt. Garcia’s] just back from Afghanistan and it took all kinds of maneuvers to pull off the surprise,” George Stephanopoulos explained to his co-hosts. “He thinks he’s on GMA to give a holiday greeting to his fellow troops still on the frontlines. He has no idea he’s about to see his wife and kids.”

His wife and kids are waiting just outside the door and they had to sneak inside the room so the surprise won’t be ruined.

When they were inside the room, George asked to interview Capt. Garcia.

“I just want to thank you for your service, four tours in Afghanistan, that is a tremendous sacrifice I know you’ve made and I know you’re there to send a holiday hoo-hah to all your fellow troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,” George started. “But before we do that, can you just do me a favor and turn around for a second?”

Everyone else knew what was about to happen and they couldn’t wait to witness the reunion.

But since it’s a remote connection, there was a few seconds delay and Capt. Garcia didn’t hear George clearly.

George had to repeat the request several times until it became clear.

Capt. Garcia was confused by George’s request.

He did turn around but he was looking at his fellow soldiers, unsure why he was the only one who had to turn around.

“And then what?” Capt. Garcia asked.

Then he got it.

That’s when everyone else started laughing and he turned again to finally see his family in the room with him.

They ran towards him to give him a big hug and complete the final surprise.

Did you cry? We won’t judge if you did because we’re crying buckets here still!

When they finally gathered in front of the camera again, George asked Capt. Garcia’s wife, Andrea, how she planned the surprise.

“A lot of elaborate posts on Facebook, that’s exactly what I did to take off this plan,” Andrea shared. “And luckily, he trusted me so much that it was very believable.”

Do you want to know what their plans are now that he’s home?

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