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Son makes dad cry when he gives up chance of buying bag full of toys to help homeless man

The boy had $600 to spend on toys...but he saw a better need for it.

The most valuable lessons are often found in the most unexpected situations.

Imagine getting $600 as a kid. What would you have done with the money? Some may have bought the latest gaming console.

Some may have purchased their dream toys like expensive action figures or Lego sets with thousands of bricks and pieces.

YouTubers Paul Klein and Paul Wood placed a child in a situation like so. Wood’s son Bailey was given $600 to spend on any toy he wants. What he did instead brought his dad to tears.

The group stood right outside Hamley’s.

Hamley’s is one of the biggest toy stores in London. It boasts a collection of different characters from different games and shows, the latest gadgets for kids, and the latest gaming consoles that even grown-ups will buy.

Klein and Wood posted a challenge for Bailey. He was given 30 minutes and $600. All he has to do is buy everything he likes within the time limit.

An excited Bailey brought a bag with him when he entered the store.

Meanwhile, the two content creators tried to guess what the child would do with the money. His dad said he might choose the biggest that Bailey’s money could afford him.

Klein, while guessing what Bailey’s going to buy, said that kids don’t really know the true value of money as they don’t know how it’s made or how it impacts people.

They were right to think so. Bailey began filling his bag with the best toys he could get his hands on. But what the two got wrong was how conscious Bailey was about money.

The boy stopped on one shelf and then began returning the toys one by one.
His full bag became lighter for every toy he returned until he was left with none. He then marched out of the toy store.


Klein followed Bailey to a homeless man. Bailey said that he didn’t really need toys as his parents always bought him those. He pointed out, however, that not all people were as privileged as he was.

He then gave some money to a homeless man sitting by the sidewalk.

Klein couldn’t believe what was happening but conceded that Bailey was more mature and generous than he lets on.

“Dad always buys me toys,” he said in the video. “And he needed it more than I did because he hasn’t got a house.”

When Wood reunited with the group Klein told him what happened.

Wood expected his son to come out with a giant robot or a drone. Instead, Bailey held onto what money he has left as he looked for more people he could help.


Wood can’t believe what his son did. He got down on his knees and cried. He hugged Bailey tightly, emotional about his son’s generosity and capability to think about others more than himself.

People on Facebook shared their appreciation as well.

“This young man is a positive role model for other children his age. He is truly amazing well done.” One comment said.


“What an amazing little man, well done for raising him to be such a big-hearted wonderful person. You should be very proud.” Said another.

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