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Stray dog who spent 7 years in field holds out paw to rescuers and asks to be saved

It’s not only the paws reaching out; it is also those sad eyes yearning and begging to be loved back.

We all yearn for some love and care.

Every living creature on this planet does.

Humans, animals, and even plants need someone to take care of them and shower them with some love.

This is why it’s heartbreaking to see one left without proper care.

While humans can strive for themselves, animals can’t.

Some may be wise and crafty enough to survive in the street, but others need the help of humans around.

Thankfully, rescue groups are willing to give a helping hand.

A rescue group in Romania found two dogs living in the field.

Howl of a Dog is a nonprofit organization in Romania that aims to rescue dogs and adopt them to willing fur-parents.

They rescue these dogs to address the overpopulation of dogs in the country and prevent them from being abandoned.

They do their best to match the dogs to the probable adopter.

Aside from processing adoptions, they also offer free spay and neuter services, vaccination, and microchipping of their rescued dogs.

That way, foster or adoptive families wouldn’t have to worry much as they start their journey with these dogs.

That is what they were trying to do with Inna and Zelda.

They found these dogs living in a makeshift shelter near a sheep farm. The dogs have lived in that field for more or less seven years already.

The man who rescued them can’t take them home.

They never knew his reasons, but it was apparent that he meant well when he rescued Inna and Zelda.

He gave them a little shelter (with a mattress inside) to ensure they had a place to sleep.

He also went there often to provide food for the dogs.

However, the place started to be surrounded by homes.

What was once a quiet and peaceful place turned into a residential area.

The residents were not happy with two “stray” dogs nearby and started complaining about them. This was when Howl of a Dog stepped in.

The rescuers went to the area to take in the two dogs.

It was apparent at that moment that the two badly needed some help.

Their makeshift shelter was dilapidated and unsafe for them.

Both dogs knew it, too, and they were happy to finally be rescued.

They were overjoyed to see people. In fact, Inna reached out her paw as if begging to be rescued.

They clearly wanted some love and care, and it showed by how they rolled over for some belly rubs.

Both Inna and Zelda are truly friendly and affectionate dogs, and you can see it in their faces how they yearn for that kind of attention.

Inna was finally adopted and found a forever home in the Netherlands.

“INNA – ADOPTED🐾🏠. Inna arrived yesterday at her forever home in the Netherlands, we will post updates on our website as soon as she settles in.

It’s been a long journey for Inna and after 7 years of craving affection and companionship she now finally has her own loving family,” the shelter wrote on their Facebook page.

Her new fur-parent said that she got along well with her other dogs.

However, Zelda is still up for adoption and looking for a forever home.

If you’re interested, you can check out their process here. They may be in Romania, but they do international adoptions.

We hope somebody can give Zelda her forever home soon.

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