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Students See Grandma Wildly Beating On Car With Hammer – 7 Words Have Them Jumping Into Action

After Missouri Western safeties Jack Long and Shane Simpson finished up football practice one day, they decided to ride home together. As they were leaving campus, they spotted an elderly woman banging on a parked car with a hammer.

At first, the two young men thought the grandmother had probably just locked herself out, but her odd behavior seemed a bit extreme for something a locksmith could have easily taken care of. The puzzled students felt that something wasn’t right about this overly exuberant granny, so they decided to investigate further and see what she was really up to.

Jack and Shane circled around to the car’s location and cautiously approached the hammer-wielding woman, who they later came to know as Teresa Gall. Teresa ran straight towards the two tough guys, and while still desperately clinging onto the hammer, she cried out for help!

As they suspected, the poor lady had indeed locked her keys inside, but her extreme behavior and glazed, wild-eyed look told them that something else was wrong. That’s when she cried out 7 words that would make any person’s heart jump, “There’s a baby stuck in the car!”

The guys immediately peeked inside the car window to confirm the truth. Teresa’s poor grandson, 17-month-old Liam, was trapped inside the hot car! He had only been in there for a couple of minutes, but it was 98 degrees outside and the toddler was already succumbing to heat stroke.

When Teresa saw that Liam was vomiting and losing consciousness, she prayed, “God please send somebody.” That’s exactly when Jack and Shane arrived on the scene. In a not-so-strange coincidence, the two students had been compelled to take a different route home that day, and would never have seen Teresa had it not been for that fancy bit of divine intervention.

Watch the video below to see what happened after these footballers acted on a winning strategy from God’s playbook.

Source: YouTube

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