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Sweet big brother rocks baby sister to sleep

This is what sibling love looks like

There are few sweeter things in the world than seeing a big brother or sister looking after their little sibling, so it’s no surprise that one wonderful video of a big bro rocking his baby sister in his arms has gone viral after being shared online.

In the clip, we can see five-year-old John comforting his younger sister, Clara, while they await Clara’s RSV, Strep and Flu test results.

It’s a terribly sweet and tender moment, and the kids’ mother, Danielle Davis, captured it all on her camera for us to enjoy.

The incident occurred at the family’s local doctor’s office.

Sadly, little Clara was born with a kind of short limb dwarfism known as achondroplasia, so she’s had to spend a lot of time visiting the doctor in her short life so far.

Luckily, she can always count on the loving support of her big brother in her moments of need.

Ever since Clara was born, John has been by her side. A true protector and guardian, he’s taken on the big brother role in the best possible way.

He and his sister are absolutely inseparable, as proven by the countless happy photos of them smiling and posing together over on Danielle’s Instagram account.

The pair play together, eat together, and, of course, visit the doctor together too, and John never wants to let his little sis out of his sight.

On this particular trip to the clinic, Clara was being tested for RSV, Strep, and Flu.

The family were sitting outside in the waiting room, and Clara had started to get a little restless from all the waiting around.

She started to cry, but John quickly volunteered to solve the situation, taking his little sister in his arms and gently rocking her from side to side.

In a matter of minutes, she calmed right down, sucking on her thumb and drifting off to sleep.

The lovely video, filmed by Danielle and uploaded to her personal account, captures just a short part of this beautiful moment.

It’s ten heartwarming seconds of John patiently and lovingly cradling his sister, moving her slowly and carefully from left to right to help her feel settled, loved, and protected.

We only get to see the pair for a short while in the video, but it’s more than enough proof of the powerful, unbreakable bond they share.

John sees Clara as the perfect little sister, and he’s clearly determined to help her enjoy a happy and healthy life, always ready to step in and provide love and care whenever she needs it.

He’s an amazing big brother and an inspiration to us all, and over 1.8 million people have watched his wonderful actions already.

Here are just a few of our favorite comments:

10 seconds?????? Only 10 seconds???? I want more

You are lucky to have such a good son. He loves his sister dearly. Clara is a beautiful baby girl.

Both your kids are so beautiful! I can’t get enough of this sweet video 💕

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