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Uncertainty Looms For Discarded Baby Until She Meets Him

No one knows the story behind Baby Charlie’s birth, who his parents are, his medical background, nothing. All anyone knows is that Baby Charlie was less than one week old when he was abandoned, a helpless infant left to fend for himself.

Born in Florida where temperatures soar, Baby Charlie was left alone in the bed of a truck, dressed in a onesie with a blanket and a soiled diaper. Who knew when he had been fed last.


Who knew where his mom went. Thankfully, a compassionate college student walking by the pickup heard his feeble cries and followed the sound.

The student made the shocking discovery of Baby Charlie, then called police. Officers arrived and, stunned by the situation, summoned for medical help.


Baby Charlie was transported to a local hospital where he was examined by a team of doctors and other healthcare professionals including Lorraine, a respiratory therapist. She assessed his vitals and lung function, which was surprisingly stable given his situation.

Lorraine said he was “cold, hungry, and wet, but he was fine.” Lorraine took time out of her busy day to sit down in a rocking chair and give Baby Charlie some much needed attention and one-on-one contact with another human.

The hospital had no idea how long he had been alone in the back of the truck. The moment she held him, she knew God was sending her a message about the little boy.


This baby was a miracle and despite the fact that he had been discarded she knew he had a greater purpose. Lorraine held him and instantly felt a special bond, a draw to this helpless infant whose future seemed bleak.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Lorraine could not have kids of her own. But holding Baby Charlie stirred something inside her.

She had already raised stepchildren with her husband, but had never experienced the infant stage. Deep in her heart, she knew what she wanted, but didn’t think it was possible.


So what happened to Baby Charlie and Lorraine? Find out in the video below. The ending may surprise you.

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