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Woman adopts shy stray donkey then he debuts his hilarious ‘bray’

Monty is a very unique donkey.

Animals have their quirks that make them adorable.

At first, pet owners might be annoyed by them – like cats who spill their kitty litter or dogs that chew on your shoes. We learn to love them in the long run because that’s who they are. We love our pets, quirks and all.

When Pinky decided to adopt a donkey, she wasn’t prepared for his little quirk.

She had a horse named Ace, and he got along with donkeys so well.

That’s when Pinky thought of adopting one, so he would have a friend. So, she visited TMR Rescue in Plantersville, Texas.

The staff showed her all the cuddly ones, but there was one donkey that caught her attention.

Monte laid quietly in the corner. He was smaller than all the other donkeys.

It seemed like he was a donkey that many people saw but didn’t want to take home with them.

That was not the case for Pinky.

The moment she saw Monte, she fell in love with him.

She decided to adopt him, and she never regretted it.

At that time, she had no idea how old Monte was; he was already 26 years old when she adopted him.

He was rescued when he was 16 years old and lived at the rescue for ten years.

He got passed over all the time until Pinky got him.

When they got home, Monte ran around like he was not 26 years old.

He looked like he belonged on the farm and had lived there all his life.

Pinky enjoyed watching him play with the other animals on her farm.

But there was one thing that Monte did that surprised her.

He had a hilarious bray!

“When he first started braying, I was like ‘Is he broken?’” she told GeoBeats Animals.

That funny bray was one of the things Pinky loved about him.

He would holler by the door whenever she woke up late as if asking, ‘where is my breakfast?’ and he does that for lunch, dinner, and snacks, too.

His unique bray also changed and meant different things; he had this high-pitched bray as if yelling at the mini horses across the street.

There were more reasons why Pinky loved dear Monte.

She said he was an intelligent donkey with a unique thought process – like walking along a trail path but suddenly taking a detour. He also loved to tease the other horses and run away because he knew they would chase him.

But despite all that, he loved being around them.

He always tagged along with the bigger horses as a little brother does.

They eat, play, and sleep together. It was a sight that brought joy to Pinky.

She wondered what Monte’s former owner did to him, but she’s thankful she had him.

He knew Pinky would not hurt him, and he was always by her side and ready for whenever she called for him. Monte was meant to be with her all along.

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