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Woman Goes To Give Owl Bath With Squirt Bottle, Its Hilarious Reaction Has The Internet On Fire

When a gorgeous owl named Curbie decided he was thirsty, he left his comfortable perch and flew toward his owner. What started out as a quick squirt from a spray bottle to quench Curbie’s thirst turned into a magnificent bath time that has amazed fans of this bird.

Curbie needed to stay hydrated in a special way, since he is not a wild animal and instead is being raised as a pet. The Owls Trust notes that captive-bred and hand-reared owls can be very sweet and good-natured, much like Curbie appears to be.

Handlers and owl owners should be experienced in owl care and behavior, however, because owls are still considered to be birds of prey even if raised in a domestic environment. When Curbie’s owner obliged his request for a spritz of water, the owl then decided to engage his owner in bath time.

According to the Bird Ecology Study Group, most owls in the wild take baths to clean their feathers. They stand in shallow water and flap their wings to splatter water all over their body.

Then they vigorously shake the water off followed by preening. Curbie accepts his owner’s water sprays to his face and torso, but then his next amazing move is simply breathtaking.

He spreads out his wings, then marvels the internet with his next position. The owl’s funny reaction has gone viral on Facebook and has been shared half a million times!

He apparently wants a very thorough bath and his owner is happy to oblige. But it seems Curbie isn’t a fan of a full bath, because he shoots off the table when the owner spritzes his backside.

It’s not only impressive to watch this owl interact with his owner and the neat way he takes a bath, but also to see him take flight. He’s a spectacular sight to see.

Watch this glorious creature position itself for a full bath then see it take flight when he’s done. It’s a splendid sight to see up close!

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