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Woman Tired Of Gray Hair, Goes Fiery Red And Looks Like A Movie Star

When Susan decided she was tired of her gray curly locks, she knew there was just one person who could make her feel like a new woman again.

That’s why she traveled from her home state of Wisconsin with her sister and landed in the chair of The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins.

The only thing she told Christopher was that she wanted a new look. She didn’t care about the length, color or style – she just wanted to ditch the gray and do something fun!

Susan had no idea that Christopher would transform her from curly gray drab to a redheaded vision!

The first thing Christopher did when Susan arrived was interviewed her about her needs.

The gray hair was overpowering Susan’s sweet personality and drew attention away from her infectious smile! In an instant, he knew that it needed to go!

While there’s nothing wrong with accepting gray hair and rocking it like a star, Susan had her gray locks for longer than she’d like to admit and was ready for something new.

Sensing her desire for change, Christopher whipped her chair around and got to work!

Instead of sticking with brown or blonde shades, Christopher went with a fiery red color for Susan.

This was the perfect way to accent her bright personality! Once the hair dye was complete, Christopher turned his attention to the cut!

He chopped off several inches and framed her face in the best way possible.

As soon as it was styled and her makeup was complete, Susan got to take a peek at herself!

The face looking back at her appeared younger and absolutely gorgeous! Take a look at the final product for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. What a stunning transformation!

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