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Woman Tired Of Hiding Her Gray. Super Short Makeover Leaves Her Completely Unrecognizable

As we get older, what’s important to us changes. While we may have been influenced by people’s perception of us in the past, the future brings nothing but a clear head and self-love. That’s exactly why 41-year-old Kerry Grundhoefer was ready for a big change. With the help of celebrity hairstylist, “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins, Kerry was able to ditch her old locks and transform herself into a gorgeous, natural version of herself.

Before sitting down with Christopher, Kerry spent years trying to hide her gray hair behind powerful dies and damaging treatments. After the decades processing her hair, Kerry became sensitive to certain products and realized it was time to dump the idea of altering her real look.

Watch this incredible transformation from start to finish by pressing “play” here. She looks so good!


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