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Young Woman Holds Out Hand To Grandpa. In No Time Their Dance Moves Win Over The Internet

A young woman named Rachel decided that it was time to get her grandfather to dance, but when she held out her hand she had no idea what he could do! This gal shows exceptional care for her grandfather, and among the many ways she helps him out, adding a little fun to his day is certainly not lacking.

Though Rachel’s grandpa has Alzheimer’s and is 93, as soon as he stands up to dance, he demonstrates one very important life lesson: Just because you’re 93, doesn’t mean you have to act 93. As soon as she turns on the music and requests his hand, his face lights up with joy. It’s clear that these two mean the world to each other.

Watch the video below to see the pair boogie down together. It’s sure to have you grinning from ear to ear!


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